Information Security Analyst

Posted: ( 20 July, 2021, Lusaka)

Job Purpose

The InformationSecurity Analyst will be responsible for implementing security principles forall critical infrastructure for INFRATEL and across all its service offerings.The officer shall ensure complete adherence to security principles andstandards as guided by best practice and certifications held by INFRATEL. The Officershall provide analyze all security incidents and make full disclosure forresolution. The Officer shall provide cybersecurity advisory to customers sothat their assets are protected against imminent cyberthreats.

Key Responsibilities

Vulnerability Assessment           

  • Conduct regular cybersecurityvulnerability assessments of applications, web sites and infrastructurecomponents
  • Fixdetected vulnerabilities to maintain a high-security standard
  • ImplementSecurity in all systems

Security Policy and Procedures

  • Assist in developing andmaintaining a formal cyber threat intelligence Programme through thecollection, correlation and analysis of log events/information Develop, review,implement and maintain the ICT Security Strategy, Policy and Processes
  • EnsureData Centre Physical Security
  • MonitorVideo Footage for all Data Centers

Develop Risk Assessment and Conduct Penetration test               

  • ConductIT Risk Assessments and Compliance
  • Conductperiodical penetration tests for systems

Business Continuity       

  • Establish,implement, and maintain an IT business continuity management methodology

Software Quality Assurance       

  • Supportdevelopers to ensure security is embedded in all software developed solutions

Security Awareness       

  • Conductregular employee security awareness Programmes
  • Implementsecurity initiatives

Information security management framework  

  • Knowledge of common informationsecurity management frameworks, such as ISO 27001, COBIT, Uptime Institute, PCIDSS
  • Maintainall processes for which INFRATEL Corporation is certified for
  • Respondsto cybersecurity incidents


  • Provideperiodical reports for all operations

Management Updates 

  • Provideand advise management on information security matters

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

Full Grade 12 Certificate

Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity/IT/Computer Science or any relevant field

Professional Qualifications in CISSP/CISP or any cybersecurity certification will be an added advantage.

Member of either EIZ or ICTAZ or ISACA

Minimum of two (2) years of Information Technology experience with a focus on Cyber Security and Quality Assurance

Competencies required for this Role

  • Good knowledge of network security
  • Incident Response Management
  • Good knowledge of vulnerability management and pentesting
  • Good knowledge of threat management
  • Good knowledge of cybersecurity intelligence and analysis
  • Extensive technical knowledge in Cyber Securitymanagement and quality assurance
  • Knowledge of Linux and Windows Systems
  • Strategic & critical thinking and acting
  • Ability to collaborate and work with a team.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong background in various aspects of softwaredevelopment
  • Good customer support skills
  • Project Management
  • Logical thinking and problem solving
  • Highly proven ethical conduct and free from criminalrecord; and
  • Highly computer literate and presentation skills.


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