Finance Officer

Company: Luombwa Agro Limited
Posted: ( 29 September, 2022, Central)

Job Purpose

Shall be responsible for running all finance related activities including;

Analysis of financial information for external use, internal audits, tax payments and complaince, budgets, monitoring and reporting financial inconsistencies, and advising and sourcing of long-term financing.

Analysis of financial information for internal use, bookkeeping, control and forecast of income and expenditure, providing financial advise on fiance related decisions, managing the company's investments, and conducting risk analysis and management.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Manage all financial resources of the business.
  2. Oversee the flow of cash and financial instruments.
  3. Prepare reports as required by law, regulations or company policies ensure compliance with applicable laws and procedures.
  4. Preparation of Payroll and Corporate Tax Returns.
  5. Preparing year-end accounts and statutory accounts.
  6. Prepare financial policies and budgets to govern the operations of the business and ensure monitoring and control.
  7. Oversee accounting, costing and billing aspects of the company operations .
  8. Report to the Project Manager on the financial performance of the business and interventions to improve its financial sustainability.
  9. Create accounts in the accounting system; Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders; Authorize access to project accounts.
  10. Manage the transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts.
  11. Report to Project Manager regarding the remaining funding available for projects.
  12. Compile information for internal and external auditors, as required.
  13. Managing the general ledger including overseeing the monthly balance sheet, banking and company reconciliations
  14. Managing petty cash movements and business fuel and travel allowances.
  15. Preparing budgets and developing company forecasts.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • Grade 12 Certifcate 
  • Diploma/ Professional Qualification in relevant field 
  • Professional membership
  • 3 years work exprience in similar field 

Competencies required for this Role

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